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Structure resume data across all media formats
Meet the world’s most advanced resume parser.
We combined the cutting edge Deep Computer Vision and Deep Natural Langage Processing algorithms to allow you automatically extract semantic entities from raw documents (PDF, DOCX, IMAGES and more) and get a structured json format.
Go far beyond just keywords
Meet the world’s first profile enrichment technology.
Get the full picture of your candidate’s real potential and derive insights from its career path. Based on our analysis of millions of profiles, our state of the art Natural Langage Processing technology helps you not only mining the hidden skills related to a candidate profile but also predicting their Level - so you don't judge only by words and what you see.
Predict success and detect hidden gems
Meet the world’s most advanced job matching technology.
Score your candidates by relevance across all your talent pools. We developed a fair-by-design technology that leverages external benchmark, market best practices and internal knowledge about your company to help you build tailor-made and bias-free prediction models across all your jobs in any industry. These models are also getting smarter with every interaction and feedback.
Make hiring more transparent and fair
Meet the world’s first white-box matching technology.
Get deep analytics and insights about every recommendation from our algorithm so that you make your decision. Understand the reasons lying behind the matching based on specific attribute making the profile stands out ( transitions, experiences, education, skills, etc.) or external facts (industry, job market, best practices).
Capture profiles from every candidate touch point
Reveal hidden gems within your talent pool
Send shortlists to relevant workflows
Collect profiles from
every platform and load it
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Send your profiles to
hundreds of tools
for analytics, marketing
and data warehousing.
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Reduce your cost per hire

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